What to Watch on Christmas Break: Epic, Immersive Binge Watches

Forget 2020 as you disappear into these transporting worlds …

 Medieval epic  The Last Kingdom

The story: As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred — born a Saxon but raised by Vikings — seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.

Quick take:  “Uhtred’s trials intensify when he joins Alfred’s quest to unite the kingdoms into England, creating an epic backdrop for a handsome, stellar cast and expert storytellers to weave television’s latest addictive historical fiction.” — Debbie Day at The Wrap.  Full Review



The lighter side of palace intrigue: The Great

The story:  A satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history. A very modern story about the past which encompasses the many roles she played over her lifetime as lover, teacher, ruler, friend and fighter.

Hulu's The Great

Quick take:  “Reality is rarely as funny as this sparkling period satire, set in mid-18th century Russia amid a sneaky coup d’état that plays out like a Scooby gang caper (with wigs).” — Matthew Gilbert at Boston Globe.    Full Review

Where to find it:  Hulu



Disappear into two historical pasts:  Outlander 

The story:  After serving as a British Army nurse in World War II, Claire Randall is transported to 1743 and into a mysterious world where her freedom and life are threatened. To survive, she marries Jamie Fraser, a strapping Scots warrior with a complicated past and a disarming sense of humor. A passionate relationship ensues, and Claire is caught between two vastly different men in two inharmonious lives. “Outlander” is adapted from the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon.

Quick take:   “Always fascinating and often quite odd, mad, and weird, Outlander has the most peculiar mix of gothic horror, swashbuckling adventure, magical fantasy, and romance you’re likely to experience on TV. ”  Tirdad Derakhshani, Philadelphia Inquirer  Full Review

Where to find it: Starz, Hulu


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