The Shows and Movies We’re Looking forward to in 2022

The year has only just begun, but we’re already looking ahead at the exciting titles due to come out in 2022. We asked some of our contributors here at The Watercooler what their most anticipated shows of the year are and why. Read on for their picks, and feel free to add your own. We’d love to know what you think would be worth covering on the site!

Erica Bardin

His Dark Materials Season 3

HBO Max | TBD 2022

I may be the only person (besides my bf) who watches and likes His Dark Materials but I’m obsessed and can’t wait for the next season.

Don’t Worry Darling Season 3

Theatrical | Sep. 23

Film-wise, like everyone else I’m looking forward to Don’t Worry Darling. Set in an experimental utopian community in the 1950s, this psychological thriller stars Olivia Wilde (who also directs), Gemma Chan, Florence Pugh, and Harry Styles.

Liz Coopersmith

Euphoria Season 2

HBO Max | Jan. 9

Another season, another eight episodes of being amazed that these reckless children manage to stay alive. How are any of you still alive? And where are your parents?

Ozark Season 4

Netflix | Jan. 21

My husband was an early fan, and after much cajoling during a period of boredom last November I binged the whole series in a week. I’m not so much wondering if Marty and Wendy are going to survive, but which one will be the first to get an ulcer or a stroke from the stress.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4

Prime Video | Feb. 18

Midge and company are moving into the ’60s this season, so the fashion will still be as swoon-worthy as the dialogue. I have great hope that this, my friends, THIS will be the season that Midge finally learns when to shut up. Let us pray.

Sarah Osman

The Righteous Gemstones Season 2

HBO Max | Jan. 9

I thought that season one of this show was a hilarious sharp satire about mega churches in America. The second season will include Eric Andre as the leader of a mega church on the west coast, so I am curious to see how they will incorporate his character, especially considering how great Andre is with physical comedy. The new season comes out Jan 9.

Laurie Ulster

After Life Season 3

Netflix | Jan. 14

This show moved me in Season 1 and I couldn’t imagine how on earth it could continue, then season 2 walloped me emotionally as well—and made me laugh harder than I should. Another great show sadly ending with this final season.

Better Things Season 5

FX/Hulu | Feb. 28

Brilliant series written by/directed by/starring Pamela Adlon for a dose of realness (even though she plays a working actress in Hollywood). The upcoming season, set to premiere in February, will be the show’s fifth and final one.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 and Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3

Paramount+ | February 2022 (Picard) and TBD (Lower Decks)

Picard will have Q (John de Lancie) this season and what looks like a really cool alternate history/time travel story. Lower Decks will have new relationships, Trek legacy guest stars, more Jonathan Frakes, and returning characters.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Paramount+ | Spring 2022

Newest series, promises a return to episodic storytelling, plus some familiar characters. This is not trying to break new ground as much as celebrate what people love best about the franchise.

Into the Spider-Verse 2

Theatrical | Oct. 7

First movie was a total breakthrough in storytelling and animation; feel like this team is going to push the envelope and do even more this time.

Cindy White Cindy White

The Sandman

Netflix | TBD 2022

We don’t have an official release date yet, but author Neil Gaiman, who created the comic-book series on which the show is based, confirmed on Twitter that 2022 will be the year of Sandman Season 1. As a longtime fan I can’t wait to see the fantastic stories, characters, and worlds of the comic brought to life. And by the looks of the trailer it seems like the show might actually do it justice. Gaiman is very involved in the project, and as we’ve seen with other adaptations of his work, that can make all the difference.

Moon Knight

Disney+ | March 30

Oscar Issac stars in the next MCU series coming to Disney+ about a vigilante pledged to serve the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, or the “taker of vengeance.” He’s not as well known as other Marvel heroes, but he’s got a rich history, and it should be interesting to see what the series does with him. We got five MCU series on Disney+ in 2021, which were all good in their own ways, so here’s hoping that streak continues. Some of the other titles to get exited about this year include Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Secret Invasion.

Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix | Summer 2022

Hey, remember this show? Believe it or not, it’s been three years since Season 3 of Stranger Things premiered. After a way-too-long delay caused by the virus that shall not be named, we’re finally heading back to Hawkins for another epic battle against the dark forces of the Upside Down. With a host of new characters and new locations (like Russia, where it was hinted that Sheriff Hopper wound up after sacrificing himself) this season promises to be the biggest one yet.

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