What to Watch This Weekend: July 1-4

This holiday weekend you’ll have no shortage of viewing options to choose from. There’s where we here at The Watercooler come in. We’ve got a handful of suggestions with something for just about everyone. You know, in case you get tired of fireworks. And if you don’t find a show or movie that appeals to you here, you could also try out our recommendation engine, which can help you discover even more titles.

Still from Stranger Things S4

A Show Everyone Will Be Talking About: Stranger Things

Find it on: Netflix

If you want to be part of the Watercooler conversation, you’d better be caught up on the latest episodes of Stranger Things. Rather than dropping all the episodes at once like they’ve done in the past, Netflix decided this time to release Season 4 as two volumes. Volume one premiered on May 27 with seven episodes and had a climactic ending that set up an epic showdown between the kids of Hawkins, Indiana and a monster unlike any they’ve faced before. Now you can watch the final two supersized installments, which will wrap up the season in epic fashion. By all accounts, this already intense season is about to take it up a notch.

Date Night: The Princess

Find it on: Hulu

On the lighter side, our pick for your Date Night viewing is the original movie The Princess, which you can stream beginning today on Hulu. It’s a fun, new take on the princess in the tower tale from Vietnamese director Le-Van Kiet, best known for directing martial arts films like Furie. According to Kiet, one of his main influences in making the film was The Matrix, so don’t expect your typical fantasy fare here. Not only does this princess, played by Joey King, rescue herself from a sadistic would-be suitor, she punches and kicks her way through some very elaborate fight scenes. And it’s rated R, so this probably isn’t one to watch with kids around.

Family Bonding: The Bad Guys

Find it on: Peacock

For a more family-friendly watch, we recommend The Bad Guys. Based on a popular series of graphic novels, this colorfully animated film arrives on Peacock after a theatrical release earlier this year. If you missed it in theaters, now’s a good chance for your family to catch the adventures of this wisecracking band of lovable predators, including Wolf, Snake, Shark, and more. The kids will appreciate the laughs and parents will appreciate the clever heist at the center of it all.

Hidden Gem: Falls Around Her

Find it on: Netflix

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, the award-winning Canadian drama Falls Around Her arrives on Netflix for the first time today. A favorite among critics, it’s a good bet for a night where you just want to sink into a movie and get away from it all. The story follows a First Nations folk singer who returns to her community and starts to suspect that someone has followed her home. It has elements of mystery and psychological thriller, set against the stunning background of rural Canada.

An International Find: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Find it on: Netflix

Finally, our international pick this weekend is Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. Combining elements of two massively popular Netflix hits—Squid Game and La Casa de Papel—this series has everything you want from a riveting crime drama. According to The Washington Post it’s more of a crossover than a spinoff, but it stays true to the original plot of Money Heist with a brand new setting. It’s now the near future, on the cusp of the reunification between North and South Korea, but there’s still a mysterious criminal mastermind at the center of it all, and a group of motley thieves who team up to pull off a daring robbery. We expect this will hit the top 10 on Netflix pretty quickly, so get in on the action early and you can brag to your friends that you watched it before it was hot.

Do you have more suggestions for more categories and moods to help you find something to watch? Let us know in the comments or send us some feedback!

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