What to Watch This Weekend: August 26th-28th

The end is nigh for summer, and according to Bill Nye, Science Guy, potentially for all of us. But fret not!  There are answers, solutions, real life Ted Lassos, and fantastical worlds to escape into this weekend.

Enlighten Me

If you’ve succumbed to doom scrolling after a summer of heat waves and droughts, your brain might need to watch The End is Nye, Bill Nye’s new docuseries that just arrived on Peacock. Yes, it sounds bleak, and it depicts six potential global catastrophes with blockbustery visual effects. But each episode also deconstructs the science behind each scenario while laying out the ways that we can prevent, minimize and survive all of them. As Nye explains it, “We made six disaster movies, with the second half being this optimistic view [that] if we just made these changes, everything would be great! With science!”

Find Me Fun

If you’re more in the mood for some real-life Ted Lasso, and if you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds or Always Sunny in Philadelphia, check out the new unscripted series Welcome to Wrexham on FX. It follows Reynolds and fellow snark-master Rob McElhenney as they team up to buy an actual underdog soccer team in a working class Welsh town. The duo’s cluelessness and rapport bring the fun while interviews with the locals and fans give the show some depth.  It might just inspire you to change your team.

Dazzle Me

If you really want a cinematic escape, head to the theaters this weekend for Three Thousand Years of Longing, an enchanting, thought-provoking fantasy about love, hope, and mythology. Directed by George Miller (Mad Max, Babe), it stars Tilda Swinton as a level-headed academic who unleashes a genie in the form of Idris Elba. But this is not Aladdin. It’s a cerebral, sometimes sexy, and ultimately surprising epic that will fully transport you.

The Family Vacation Watch

Finally, if you’re entertaining more than one generation this weekend and looking for something to watch with the kids, head to the WatercoolerHQ.co and check out some of the hidden gems we’ve found.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll have a list to fill up your entire four day end-of-summer weekend.




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