What to Watch This Weekend: Sept 16th-18th

We’ve tapped our community of contributors to sift out the best 4 shows or movies to watch this weekend for JAM.ai, the new way to share and listen to bite-sized audio.  Here’s the quick take on what they recommend:

Make Me Laugh

Surreal comedy Atlanta returns for its fourth and final season, and after spending last season in Europe, Donald Glover and his gang are back in Georgia. For those who haven’t watched this critical darling, Atlanta is an unpredictable and often absurd riff on the music business, race, and celebrity, and this season promises to bring it all home.  There’s a whole lot to chew on this season, but we its best if you just jump in.

                    Where to find Atlanta S4?  FX and Hulu

Grip Me

Mug shots of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow (Netflix)

You will likely be hearing about this docuseries around the Watercooler in the months ahead: Sins of our Mother.  It’s an investigation into the life and mind of Lori Vallow, who is best known as the “doomsday cult mom” accused of murdering her two young kids, and conspiring in the murders of her 4th husband, and her 5th husband’s wife.

You will struggle to look away from this one, especially the interviews with her mother and her surviving son. As our writer Sarah Mina Osman noted, it will make you question how people fall under the spell of charismatic “leaders” — and how police fail to investigate charismatic “victims.”  One last note: Google the more recent story about her son, Colby Ryan, after watching it.  He is central to the controversy around this quick three-part series.

               Where to find Sins of our Mother?  Netflix

Transport Me

You will need a palate cleanser after that one. Head to the theaters for See How They Run, a big-screen worthy comedic murder mystery with a terrific ensemble cast that spoofs the Agatha Christie whodunnit. It will take you to 1950s London and the West End theater scene, and it stars Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrian Brody, Ruth Wilson, David Oyelowo and about a dozen other familiar British faces.

Where to find See How They Run?   Only in theaters

Enlighten Me

Speaking of Brits, as you’ll be inundated with blanket coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday, December 19th, you might be wondering why we are subjected to so much royal fascination on this side of the pond.  Check out the documentary Monarch on Britbox.  It was made 30 years ago, but it sheds light on the historical and political role of “the Crown” while raising the still hotly debated questions about it influence and purpose.

                    Where to find it?   Britbox or AppleTV+

That’s it for our quick picks for this weekend. Head to the Watercooler’s home page for more ideas for what to watch — check out our cross-streamer search engine to find something to match your mood, interests, and co-viewers.  Have a great weekend.

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