What to Watch the Weekend of October 21st-23rd

Where do you want to go this weekend – 1920s Ireland? 1980s South America? How about a high-end Acapulco resort?

Our four picks for this weekend will transport you.

Prime Video

1: South America, 80s — Let’s start with a history lesson from Argentina, 1985.  That is actually the title of a new film on Prime Video: Argentina 1985.  It tells the story of the young legal team that went up against the country’s brutal military dictatorship in what became the first major war crimes trial since Nuremberg. It’s told as a courtroom drama that is often tense and sometimes humorous, despite the constant threats the attorneys are under by a regime that used torture, rape, murder, and kidnapping to wield its power.

Prime Video

2: London, Near Future — Argentina 1985 might make you want to jump ahead to find more evolved civilizations.  The Peripheral promises to do just that, dropping its protagonist — played by Chloe Grace Moretz — into a soon-to-come London through a virtual reality experiment. It’s not exactly the utopia you’d hope for, as its inhabitants have lost all inhibitions in this disembodied meta world. We’re left to wonder whether the shocking events are actually happening or just simulations. It’s a gripping, timely thriller as the world places its bets on all things meta, and it’s produced by the team behind Westworld and based on a William Gibson novel. So expect to hear more about this one as it unfolds each week. You can find it on Prime Video.


3: Mexico, 80s — You might need to clear your mind after Argentina’s bloody past and London’s dystopian future. For that we recommend the second season of Acapulco, a colorful, cheerful comedy set at a fancy Mexican resort that pivots around the romantic adventures of cabana boy Maximo — narrated by his much older (and much wealthier) self. It’s more fun and nostalgic than White Lotus, and the characters speak Spanish and English, while dancing to 80s hits (English and Spanish), so you’ll feel like you’re there. Look for it on AppleTV+.


4: Ireland, 1920s — If you’d rather make it a night out at the movies, critics are widely praising The Banshees of Inisherin, a dark comedy-drama from Oscar-winning director Martin McDonagh about two lifelong friends who suddenly part ways, leaving Padraic (played by Colin Farrell) to try and repair his bond with Colm (Brendan Gleeson).  Set during the Irish Civil War, it has laugh out loud moments and shocking twists, but it also asks profound questions about loneliness, the nature of identity, and the tensions between where we come from and where we hope to be.

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