What to Watch This Weekend: Oct 7th-9th

We’ve tapped our community of contributors to sift out the best 4 shows or movies to watch this weekend for JAM.ai, the new way to share and listen to bite-sized audio.  Here’s the quick take on what they recommend:

Grip Me:  Sherwood

If you’re looking for your next binge watch, check out BritBox’s Sherwood.  Based on the true story of two shocking 2004 murders that kicked off a historic manhunt in England, it’s one of the best reviewed British dramas of the year – revealing a lot about our current fractures. Moving, smartly written, and layered, it is the kind of show that will send you Googling to dig up the true story.  Check it out with a BritBox free trial.


Immerse Me:  TAR

TAR is the kind of film that will send you back into theaters.  A hypnotic cinematic experience set in the world of classical music, it walks the line between sly comedy, psychological drama, and horror movie, and it stars Cate Blanchett as an iconic, power-drunk orchestra conductor, Lydia Tár.  You’ll be hearing more about the Todd Fields-directed film come awards season.


Transport Me:  Pretty Problems

If you’re more in the mood for a date night escape comedy-drama, Pretty Problems is about a film about a couple with money problems on the brink of splitting. They get invited to a wine country Chateau by rich strangers, only to end up down some wild rabbit holes.  It’s hedonistic while serving up just enough layers and empathy to justify a night out at the movies – or the hangover you’ll get if you pop some corks and stream it at home  (look for it on AppleTV).


Move Me:  To Leslie

Fans of Marc Maron and inspired-by true stories about lost souls, addiction, and redemption should check out To Leslie, the story of a self-sabotaging single mom who, despite winning the lottery a few years earlier, ends up out of luck and living with her grown son.  She gets another shot thanks to the manager of a rundown motel, played by Maron, and the rest you’ll just have to see. Look for at theaters or via streaming on Vudu or Prime Video.


That’s it for our quick picks for this weekend. Head to the Watercooler’s home page for more ideas for what to watch — check out our cross-streamer search engine to find something to match your mood, interests, and co-viewers.  Have a great weekend.

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