What to Stream on Election Night

The stakes may be high but many cords have been cut, which means a lot of us need to find new ways to watch the midterm election returns…or escape them!

For news junkies, most of the cable and broadcast networks now have multiple streaming options to use across your devices — and we’ve linked to several below.

While you wait for the too-close-to-calls over the next few days, scroll down for some deeper dives, comedic filters, and scripted movies that provide quicker resolutions. 

ABC News (7pm ET start) — For the first time in over two decades, ABC will be missing its star anchor and political leader, George Stephanopoulos (he told the Daily Beast he signed a new agreement and is focused on other projects…see below.)  Instead, “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir leads coverage with a deep bench of pundits and POVs, among them Martha Radditz, Jonathan Karl, Republican and erstwhile Trump advisor Chris Christie, Donna Brazile, and FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver.  Where to stream ABC:  Hulu Live, FuboTV (free trial), Sling TV, DirecTV Stream.

CNN (4pm ET start) — Often top-rated on election nights with its round-the-clock coverage, CNN will be led by Jake Tapper (before he leaves primetime for daytime), who will be joined by Dana Bash, Abby Phillip and former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.  Where to stream CNN: CNNGo, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream.

Fox News Channel (6pm ET start)  — While the most incendiary figures from the network won’t be present, Fox veteran anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum will lead coverage, joined by former CNNer Bill Hemmer, Harris Faulkner and Shannon Bream. Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Juan Williams, Trey Gowdy, Karl Rove, Kellyanne Conway and Josh Kraushaar will also contribute along with more than 20 correspondents around the country. Overnight coverage will begin at 1 a.m.  How to stream Fox News Channel without cable: FuboTV (free trial), Sling TV, DirecTV Stream.

NewsNation’s (6pm ET start) — If you’re missing the Cuomos, former CNN anchor Chris landed at relatively new network NewsNation, where he’ll lead election night coverage along with commentary from veteran journalist George Will, Chris Stirewalt and others. Where to stream it: FuboTV (free trial), Sling TV, DirecTV Stream.

Looking for more context and a deeper dive?

Check out Power Trip— If you’re missing perennial election night fixture George Stephanopoulos, he’s been over on Hulu crossing the country with a team of young reporters who’ve “embedded” with campaigns in the battleground states of Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in this new political series. With veteran Stephanopoulos as their adviser and coach, much like in The Voice, the reporters probe deeper into the midterms’ top stories by getting closer to the campaigns and the voters.  Where to stream Power Trip: Hulu

Prefer your political journalism scripted and scandalous? 

Look for The Independent, a new movie on Peacock about a wild card presidential candidate (played by John Cena) who takes on a Republican female contender (Ann Dowd) in “the most consequential campaign in history.”  In the final weeks of the campaign, they both have a shot of  winning, but a determined young journalist (Jodie Turner-Smith) — teamed up with a legendary journalist (Brian Cox) — unpack a conspiracy that places the fate of the outcome in her hands.  The dialogue is Succession-level florid and requires some rewinding, but the leads are compelling and the conspiracy at the center of the story has a connection to actual current events.  Where to stream it:  Peacock

In need of a comedic filter?

You might like The Daily Show – America Unfollows Democracy.  Trevor Noah sent Jordan Klepper out into the states to meet election deniers to determine what we are all in for, “and just how civil we can keep America’s next civil war.”  Look for this special on CC.com, YouTube, Paramount+.

Missing Jon Stewart or Steve Carell?

Watch the movie Irresistible.  The premise:  In a dying Wisconsin town that just lost an army base and its public school funding, an everyman goes viral after delivering a heartrending speech. He catches the attention of a jaded DC political consultant (Steve Carell) fresh off the Hillary 2016 campaign, who sees his potential to become a voice of the swing states. If only he can get to him before his Kelly Anne Conway-esque rival (Rose Byrne).

In the wake of the midterms, after a record-breaking $16.7 billion in campaign spending, Irresistible feels relevant…if not exactly newsworthy.  Watch this one when you’re looking for a welcome escape into satire, an irresistible cast, and a surprising twist.  Where to stream it:  free with ads on Freevee on Amazon.

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