What’s Worth Watching This Weekend?

From a talky political thriller to a gory take on women’s reproductive health to a French-Japanese drama about wine culture, this weekend’s Watercooler picks are as unique and idiosyncratic as they are worth your attention. There are a lot of new releases to sort through this week, so we’ve narrowed it down to a few that you’re likely to keep hearing about. 

The Diplomat 

The new US Ambassador to the UK juggles an international crisis and a complex marriage in a new political drama on Netflix. Keri Russell stars in this series that interweaves high-level geopolitical crises with the twists and turns of love.

Why it’s worth watching 

Fans of The Americans will be intrigued by The Diplomat’s star and premise combo. Russell plays another high-achieving but cold-blooded political maneuverer. Elements of screwball romantic comedy run alongside political intensity, with Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale, Judy) as Russell’s egotistical and morally dubious husband. Critics have praised the show’s West Wing-style snappy, fast-paced dialogue (The West Wing is on creator Deborah Cahn’s long list of credits), and intelligent, talky comedy. Indiewire’s Ben Travers writes, “The Diplomat makes a meal out of blending political parlance with office melodrama. It talks a big game — and backs it up.”

Watch The Diplomat starting Thursday, April 20th, on Netflix.

Mrs. Davis

After being kicked out of her convent, a nun goes on a mission to kill a powerful artificial intelligence source. Plunged into a world of conspiracy theories and secret societies, she forms an underground resistance in this new sci-fi comedy from Peacock. 

Why it’s worth watching

If Mrs. Davis’ premise sounds off-the-walls, the show is sure to over-deliver on that promise. It’s full of wacky characters on absurd mini-quests, struggles with the real problem of possibly omniscient AI, and uses pastiche and reference to create something wholly new. Created by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Watchmen) and Tara Hernandez (Big Bang Theory), critics have taken well to the show’s boundless idiosyncrasies, and the singular power of Betty Gilpin’s (Glow) central performance. Lili Loofbourow of The Washington Post writes, “Mrs. Davis is a rollicking, absurd, moving extravaganza about the power of cliches and the pleasure of smashing them. It’s about magicians and God and computers, the fun of predicting how a story will go, the joy we feel when those predictions go haywire and the compulsive appeal of structuring living through ‘quests.’”

Watch Mrs. Davis starting Thursday, April 20th, on Peacock.

Dead Ringers 

Twin gynecologists share everything and push the boundaries of medical ethics in the name of women’s healthcare. The series is a gender-swapped version of David Cronenberg’s 1988 film of the same name and stars Rachel Weisz as the central twins. 

Why it’s worth watching 

For those interested in the potential of the gory and unsettling to uncover truth, Dead Ringers rises to the occasion and delivers a thought-provoking, can’t-look-away psychological thriller. Reproductive rights, classism, and the American healthcare system, are all targets in this unconventional series. Critics almost unanimously praise Weisz’s double-handed performance as the Mantle twins, the series’ brilliant but twisted stars. Taylor Gates of The Collider emphasizes the show’s unflinching manner, writing, “Dead Ringers is a rollercoaster ride of a series from the first frame to the last, and no matter how securely you strap in or how tightly you hold on, odds are you’re still going to get a little nauseous. But trust me — the exhilaration is so, so worth it.”

Watch Dead Ringers Friday on Amazon Prime.

Drops of God

The daughter of a deceased famous wine expert must go toe-to-toe with her father’s former protege in order to claim her sizable inheritance. A French-Japanese series loosely based on a popular manga, Drops of God is a thrilling and dramatic exploration of family obligation and the world of fine gastronomy. 

Why it’s worth watching 

If The Menu left you with a taste for edge-of-your-seat thrillers uncovering the quirks of the dining scene of the uber-wealthy, then Drops of God will quench your thirst. Family drama meets visual spectacle in this hidden gem that’s coming to Apple TV+. The duel between the alcohol-averse, estranged daughter and the precocious budding sommelier over a storied wine fortune, provides the central tension of the miniseries, and critics have praised its ability to keep the audience on its toes. The Verge writer Andrew Webster writes, “As someone who is completely wine illiterate, I’ve found the show engrossing — not just for the juicy drama but also for this peek into a world I know nothing about.” 

Watch Drops of God starting Friday, April 22nd, on Apple TV+.

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