Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?

Bringing Back the Shared Entertainment Experience

Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?

If you’re like us, there are certain shows and movies that you want to watch with other people and talk about afterward. But it can be hard to find people in your life who want to watch the same shows or movies, or who can watch them at the same time.

That’s where Binge Viewers Club comes in. We’re bringing back the living room experience and helping you find fellow binge-viewing buddies.

As an added bonus, by showing up at a Binge Viewers Club event, you’ll get the chance to join the larger conversation around entertainment by deciding whether to recommend what you watched to the Watercooler, right along with our team of journalists who’ve written for outlets like BBC, Rolling Stone, NPR, VICE and O, The Oprah Magazine. We’ll even help recruit talent from the film or series as your club grows.

So, sign up here to meet some new friends while helping to solve for all those bots and fake user reviews.

No sign of a Binge Viewers Club near you? Reach out and we’ll help you organize one.

Want to get things started in your city?

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Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?
Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?
Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?
Why Join a Binge Viewers Club?

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