1.3 years of our lives will be spent searching for something to watch, according to an estimate by Quartz.  With the numbers of new shows, films and streaming platforms swelling, our decision paralysis is likely to get worse.

So we asked people: what makes a show or film worth your time?  The top response that came back: “if I want to talk about it afterward.”

The Watercooler was born as a way to help you find shows and films across all platforms that you’ll want to talk about afterward.  With guidance from a diverse community of writers, subject matter experts, and streaming guides, who are factoring in frame of mind and co-viewing, we hope you’ll discover films and TV series that are worth your time — and maybe even find a Binge Viewers Club to watch with and swap notes with afterward.

Ultimately, The Watercooler offers an antidote to  the isolation of binge watching and the time suck of endless scrolling – introducing us to content the algorithms might not show us, bringing the human layer  back to search and the shared experience back to viewing.

Meet the Team



Melissa ROTH

A writer and contributor to outlets including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and The Washington Post, Melissa also worked in a variety of roles for HBO,  Amazon, Cox Digital Media, and IMDb.  She founded The Watercooler to create more relevant ways for people to discover films and original series, and to help foster more connection and community around entertainment.




Aneesha Rao is a Google alum and the founder of  Lantera Labs, a marketing strategy and execution agency for enterprise and SMB companies. She works with brands like Side Real Estate, Outdoor Voices and Tiina the Store. Rao also founded the non-profit Lantera Education to educate those in marginalized communities, providing them access to affordable technical education. She is a data whiz at heart, and a proponent of trying anything.

Cindy White

Managing Editor

Cindy White

Cindy White has spent nearly two decades covering the entertainment industry for outlets including IGN, Collider, SyFy Channel, GeekMom, and more. Her published work also includes a romance novel set in Hollywood. She lives in the wild suburbs of Los Angeles with her husband and twin daughters.



An Amazon Inventor Award winner for patented innovation, Steve Susi served as the first NYC creative director for Amazon Advertising, and went on to lead creative operations across Europe, Asia, and Canada, where his teams would deliver original brand experiences on behalf of hundreds of advertisers and millions of customers worldwide. Prior to Amazon, Steve was fortunate to direct talented agency teams handling the world’s best-known brands, including Mercedes-Benz, American Express, AT&T, and many more. His book Brand Currency: A Former Amazon Exec on Money, Information, Loyalty, and Time takes the reader inside the company’s operating system to reveal how Amazon has come to dominate business sector after sector. It was a 2019 Amazon category best seller.


Antonia Santoro

Antonia Santoro is a Digital Marketing and Audience Development professional with 10+ years of experience working in the media and publishing industries. Most notably, Antonia has worked at The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly, setting their digital audience growth and retention strategies across distribution platforms. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and a proud cat-mom to Tina Purrner, the hardest-working paws in show business.



Liam Mathews is a New York-based writer and editor who was previously the Reviews and Recommendations Editor at TV Guide. He was also the creator and host of A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, a podcast about The Bachelor, and the co-host of the Telly Award-winning Game of Thrones explainer video series Theorizing Thrones. He’s written for Esquire, Playboy, Fast Company, Gold Derby, and many other publications.




Lazar is a software engineer, data scientist and entrepreneur with deep interest in psychology, pedagogy and educational IT systems. He’s spent years developing information systems that introduce users to more diverse points of view and foster the exchange of ideas with less friction and prejudice. As part of the Netflix Prize competition, and inspired by his work in multidisciplinary team which included psychologists and psychiatrists, he independently developed an effective recommender algorithm.



A veteran Creative Executive Producer with The New York Times and Amazon Advertising, Josh has led innovative, story-based marketing productions, resource and project management for hundreds of leading brands, from AmEx and Unilever to CBS and Google. As a senior partner to Clients, Sales, Product, Data and Ad Tech teams, he’s helped transform clients’ business problems into actionable solutions, curating teams and orchestrating end-to-end execution and optimization of campaigns.

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