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 Adam Best
Adam Best@adamcbest
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You watching Bullet Train: “Damn, Brad Pitt looks good for almost 60”Me watching Bullet Train: “Damn, when will the US get high-speed rail systems?”
 Dana Schwartz
Dana Schwartz@DanaSchwartzzz
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The Sandman is such a brilliant and beautifully shot adaptation. Just like how I pictured it when I was reading the books so long ago, but with changes that fully make sense to make it feel modern and engrossing in a new medium. An earnest tweet!!!!
Shambhav Sharma
Shambhav Sharma@shambhav15
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The new Beavis and Butthead is still great lol Mike Judge hasn't missed a beat in 30 years
 Jordan Alsaqa
Jordan Alsaqa@EndigoMaster
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Saying "throw Predator at any time period" feels like it overlooks Prey working so well because it uses the Predator as a parallel for real-world themes of its setting and characters, both in terms of foreign invaders and how one is viewed in a predatory hierarchy.
Freddie Wong
Freddie Wong@fwong
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The Rehearsal achieves unprecedented heights in comedy it is like watching the moon landing my jaw was frozen on the floor in astonishment
taika waititi things
taika waititi things@waitititaikas
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psa: if you love what we do in the shadows and our flag means death you should definitely watch reservation dogs. created by taika and sterlin harjo, it’s extremely well written and funny and also has a lot of heart, and the new season starts in two weeks! highly recommend.
Danielle Pinnock
Danielle Pinnock@bodycourage
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I love @IssaRae so much. Just finished watching #RapShit on HBOMax and anything this woman touches turns to gold. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.
Heather Anne Campbell
Heather Anne Campbell@heathercampbell
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just saying again that NOPE was so good. gonna see it again. its evangelion
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