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Ashley C. Ford
Ashley C. Ford@iSmashFizzle
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I don’t know who needs to hear this but a new season of Couples Therapy starts on Showtime this week. Dr. Orna is back baby.
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jemima kirke was a perfect choice to play melissa in #ConversationswithFriends because she has just enough warmth but also just enough iciness. which is also why she was so good as jessa in girls
John Squires
John Squires@FreddyInSpace
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Really impressed with Peacock's original horror slate. Firestarter this weekend; They/Them in August; Wolf Like Me returning for Season 2; Twisted Metal series coming soon; Casper "horror adventure" series in the works. A worthy subscription for horror fans.
Claire Willett
Claire Willett@clairewillett
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"The Essex Serpent" is literally like if you engineered a TV show to be as Extremely My Shit as humanly possible (sea monsters! angsty romance! folklore! a hot priest!) and while I'm always happy to see Tom Hiddleston, Victorian Widow is also a GREAT look on Claire Danes
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This show is so strange that’s it’s hard to believe it’s true. Jessica Biel is creepy as Candy and poor Betty getting the ever “warm welcome” of a small town in Texas. #CandyOnHulu
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro@RealGDT
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Everything Everywhere All at Once - I loved it. And I believe that "Nothing Matters" therefore everything does. And the notion of Pain and Prejudice being inherited from generation to generation unless we examine ourselves. Skillful, smart, beautifully shot and profoundly moving.
Bill Corbett
Bill Corbett@BillCorbett
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It was so wonderful to hear the Kids in the Hall theme music in their new episodes. Warm, fuzzy, happy, all that. Love those guys and it’s so great seeing fellow olds being absurdly funny. (And bravely hanging dong. Oh yes.)


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