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Mark Dannells
Mark Dannells@markdannells
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I'm only 3 episodes into "I Think You Should Leave" Season 3, and I've already watched "The Driving Crooner" sketch 3 times. It just ruined my lunch as I sat there by myself, laughing at how stupid it was. #ithinkyoushouldleave
Olly Dyche
Olly Dyche@ollydyche
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#REALITY is a remarkable docudrama that will leave audiences exhausted. It's music, minimalist setting and cinematography produce a one of the most tense movies of 2023, and of course, Sidney Sweeney's performance was flawless, definitely deserving of an Oscar nod.
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Season 3 of @icarly is out now 😍😍 I enjoyed the first 2 episodes ❤️ can‘t wait for more Creddie this season ❤️
 Myles ♱
Myles ♱@mylxs7
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John Wick 4✅-5/5People will try to debate which film franchise is the coolest. Mission Impossible or Jason Bourne? None of it matters. This film right here, with it's stunning cinematography and fight choreography, has solidified John Wick as the greatest action franchise ever
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Review: Bupkis’ is a unique series that showcases Davidson’s talent as a performer and a creator. It manages to offer an honest look at how a celebrity struggles in his personal life, while also providing a lot of humorous moments.Davidson and Edie Falco are amazing, but Joe Pesci is LEGENDARY. ✨
Cheryl Strayed
Cheryl Strayed@CherylStrayed
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I recently binged both seasons of "Single Drunk Female" and LOVED it so much.
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It's so funny to me that Succession always feels like 60 minute psychotic breaks but the descriptions are always like "the Roys try to make a business deal. Tom makes a phone call. Greg is there."
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