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guide to the best movies and tv shows
USA TodayBrian Truitt
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"...[Will Smith and Martin Lawrence] still find fresh ways to make the franchise sing, like weaving in themes of death and mortality with giant hungry alligators and gunfights that rain down jelly beans."
guide to the best movies and tv shows
The WrapElizabeth Weitzman
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"A warmhearted crowdpleaser undercut by moments of hesitation, Am I OK? has all the makings of an unqualified delight."
guide to the best movies and tv shows
RogerEbert.comMatt Zoller Seitz
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"[Old Oak] is as engrossing, thoughtful, heartfelt, angry, hopeful, and altogether valuable as [Ken Loach's] best work. If it is indeed Loach's farewell, it's one hell of a fine note to go out on."
guide to the best movies and tv shows
The Hollywood ReporterDaniel Fienberg
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"Ren Faire has real breakout potential, with its juicy, borderline unbelievable story, its cast of larger-than-life character featured in those larger-than-life close-ups and its absolute cacophony of quirkiness."
guide to the best movies and tv shows
VarietyAramide Tinubu
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"In FX’s gripping new miniseries ‘The Veil,’ right versus wrong isn’t a straightforward calculation, and truth is more confounding than it seems.”
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