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Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Kristen Anderson-Lopez@Lyrikris10
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I know this is not news, in fact it’s a full week or two behind the Broadway news cycle, but Tick, Tick Boom is truly wonderful. It captures a truth about the insane gamble with time and relevance any musical theatre writer makes when they choose this life. #TickTickBoom Boom!
Danielle Pinnock
Danielle Pinnock@BodyCourage
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Listen, Aunjanue Ellis elevates every project, scene, line, and everything in between. Give this woman her flowers and everything she deserves. She truly gives a breathtaking performance in #KingRichard
 Brendan Hodgegoblin
Brendan Hodgegoblin@metaplexmovies
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If PASSING, BELFAST, MACBETH, C'MON C'MON and THE FRENCH DISPATCH mark a new Black & White renaissance I am here for it. I can't remember the last time we've had five major black and white movies release in the same year, and each are gorgeous.
Daniel Howat
Daniel Howat@howatdk
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#CmonCmon is perhaps the greatest familial love story I’ve ever seen. It’s gentle and empathetic. Loving and open, the movie dives into the big feelings a kid can have - and adults have too. Organic discovery of identity, emotional transparency; huge ideas explored with ease.
Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick@Kaepernick7
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“To the underestimated, the overlooked and the outcast, Trust Your Power!” #ColininBlackandWhite
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Squid Game, Money Heist & Parasite make me want to watch way more things outside the world of English speaking series & films.


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