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Award season is well underway and we’re keeping up with all the films and shows everyone will be talking about. Check out our picks and features to stay on top of the latest buzz.

Watercooler Picks: Film

Enlighten Me


The most urgent and relevant Oscar-nominated film of 2022, Flee is a deeply personal documentary about a man’s childhood as a refugee that inspires as it creates empathy for those forced out of their homelands.

Inspire Me

King Richard

A riveting and thoughtful look at all of the extraordinary members of the Williams family, King Richard is the rare Oscar caliber film that entertains as it inspires, shedding new light on the lives of two of the most iconic athletes of our time and what they and their parents had to overcome.

Stretch My Mind

The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World is a fluidly told story not about love, but instead about self-awareness, acceptance, and the persistent insecurity that accompanies the pursuit of both.

Take Me Back

Licorice Pizza

Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s love letter to how unapologetic hormones and Los Angeles can be, Licorice Pizza is a collection of engaging moments that invites you into its vintage world and make you want to stay.

Inspire Me

The Tender Bar

Director George Clooney has created a compelling movie with characters that are relatable and easy to root for. The Tender Bar manages to have the emotional depth of any other Oscar contender, but without the expected sadness, or sturm and drang. It’s a relief, really.

Make Me Think

The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog delivers amazing vistas and performances, some of which may still be seared in the mind after viewing. There is a uniqueness in the story and in the acting, thanks to the joint efforts of Campion and Cumberbatch.

Transport Me

The French Dispatch

This is the most Andersonian of Wes Anderson’s movies so far, and arguably his most ambitious work to date. If you haven’t enjoyed his movies in the past The French Dispatch might not be for you.

Dazzle Me

West Side Story (2021)

Steven Spielberg manages to make this West Side Story both retro and modern at the same time. The movie doesn’t lose any steam in this reboot, 60 years in the making.

Make Me Think


A nuanced and beautiful look at the way race and the constructs of race shapes our lives, with wonderful performances by its two leading ladies.

Watercooler Picks: Series

Romance Me


Emmy nominated for Best Drama and Best Actor (Regé-Jean Page), this sexy, modern, and diverse take on Regency romance is a delightful departure from the traditional. Yet it still has enough conventional elements to appeal to fans of classic Jane Austen.

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Suck Me In


Come to Succession for the palace intrigue, stay for the sheer enjoyment of watching a talented cast at the top of their game go head to head in every episode.

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Deeper Dives

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