Awards Contenders

Awards season is upon us, and this year it stretches all the way to April 25th, the date of what will be an unprecedented Oscars ceremony. The Watercooler has rounded up contenders for films and shows we think deserve recognition as the best in entertainment over the past year.
Awards Contender
Promising Young Woman

Brace yourself for this rattling awards contender, for it will mess with you. That is exactly the point, as this is a story that challenges our assumptions and scrapes at the ways that people mess with each other.

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Challenge Me
Small Axe

The history and stories from this part of the world really have not been told before. It’s a revelation, and in many ways, heartbreaking. The title comes from an African proverb, “If you are the big tree, we are the small axe.”

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Enlighten Me
One Night in Miami

An entertaining and enlightening slice of history that celebrates these giant personalities and their impact on the generations that followed them. Expect to hear a lot about this film as awards season heats up.

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Thrill Me
The Flight Attendant

An intriguing murder mystery thriller that’s not too light or too heavy. Be prepared to spend a lot of time screaming at the main character over her questionable decisions, but that’s part of the fun.

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Uplift Me
Ted Lasso

It’s so refreshing to have a legitimately good hero leading a series for a change, no “anti-” modifier necessary. The show works because of the main character, but there’s also a fun and uplifting story to carry the viewer along.

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