“I’m a funny mother f**ker,” Ice-T says of himself. While the Grammy-nominated musician turned actor is best known for his 21 seasons as Detective “Fin” Tutola on Law & Order: SVU, and surprised everyone when he was revealed as “the disco ball” on the first episode of The Masked Dancer, the sequel to The Masked Singer, he has proven his comedic chops with appearances on SNL, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


The list of shows and movies he watches reflect his eclectic talents. From horror and action to comedy, his favorite movies cover a wide range. And when you ask him what TV show he’d want to guest on, he says of his choice, “I’m tired of playing a cop, I’d like to play a gangster or an arch-villain.” 


Whatever he wants to do, whether it’s playing a gangster or dancing as a disco ball, you can be sure he’s going to do with the very distinct Ice-T flare, style, swagger and authenticity.

Steve Baltin:  What movies take you on a journey?


Ice T: [Quentin] Tarantino is my favorite at taking you in and putting you in that world. I think Reservoir Dogs is one of the greatest movies ever because I lived that — and I know what it’s like after a robbery. And to be able to make a movie, just a few people in a garage and hold your attention, that was intense. Rob Zombie masters it as far as film goes and horror. House Of 1000 Corpses, that s**t’s wild. I think it’s just a vibe.

What about TV shows — which ones take you on that journey?

Ice-T: My favorite is Black Mirror, which is like Twilight Zone from the future.

How about the one show you would love to guest on?

Ice-T: Wow, maybe Power. I’m tired of playing a cop, I’d like to play a gangster, arch-villain someplace. The thing is with actors, actors like to swing that pendulum too. Maybe a comedy, I might have fun doing a comedy. I’m a funny mother f**ker [laughs].

c. Black Mirror guy with camera eye
What is your favorite funny movie of all time? The one that makes you laugh every time you see it.
Ice-T: I laughed really hard at The Hangover, when motherf**kers stole Mike Tyson’s tiger, and [Ken Jeong] he’s a motherf**ker. When they saw his penis I was like, “Yo, this s**t is ridiculous.” I think The Hangover was one of my favorites.
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