How to Fill the Succession Void

Whether you tuned in for the family dysfunction, the timely media-tech business stories, the back-room political machinations, or the Greg and Tom comedy, Succession has captivated many of us over the past five years. Despite their treacherous behavior and ruthless,

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What’s Worth Watching This Weekend?

From a talky political thriller to a gory take on women’s reproductive health to a French-Japanese drama about wine culture, this weekend’s Watercooler picks are as unique and idiosyncratic as they are worth your attention. There are a lot of

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What’s Worth Watching This Weekend?

It’s a juicy weekend full of critical darlings making anticipated final season victory laps, and a Scorsese-led music doc that you’re in danger of missing, despite it being Scorsese-led.  The four best drops of the weekend that you’ll want to

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What to Watch Next? April Highlights

From the hotly anticipated to the sneaker hit, and a hotly anticipated hit about sneakers (forgive me), this weekend is filled to the brim with worthy premieres. The Affleck/Damon duo is back, musical theater lovers are well-fed with Schmigadoon’s return, and

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