Kick-off the roaring ’20s with some inspiration from our contributors, who’ve rounded up their picks for anyone looking for a fresh start, a fresh hero, or a fresh perspective.
Move Me
Melissa Roth

My Octopus Teacher

A stunning, often magical and emotional documentary that inspires awe and empathy, My Octopus Teacher brings a personal narrative to a nature documentary and captures the brilliance of a familiar sea creature like nothing before it.

Enlighten Me
Melissa Roth


A gripping history lesson that also sheds light on the methods, risks, and compromises required to organize and sustain a movement.

Up My Adrenaline
Dr. Juli Fraga


A lesson in surviving childhood trauma, channeling energy into a worthy cause, and fighting to win — even when the majority says victory is impossible.

Uplift Me
Cindy White

Ted Lasso

It’s so refreshing to have a legitimately good hero leading a series for a change, no “anti-” modifier necessary. The show works because of the main character, but there’s also a fun and uplifting story to carry the viewer along.

Conversation Worthy
Mary Beth Ross

Mrs. America

Mrs. America is a good place to start exploring where our current political and cultural divisions started widening. Anyone who lived through these years can vouch that there was a lot at stake.

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