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Didn’t know about the series ‘A Discovery of Witches’

If you know how much I loved ‘True Blood’ you’ll understand that I’m fully in my bag rn.
Josh Gondelman
Josh Gondelman@joshgondelman
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I just finished watching the last season of Search Party, which I think is one of my top five shows of all time! So inventive and funny and tense, and the central performances are all incredible. OKAY THAT'S IT!
Adrian Rae
Adrian Rae@adrianraee
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I was overjoyed to see two Mexican actors slay their roles in #Scream. Representation matters and seeing them in my favorite horror franchise brought tears to my eyes. #ScreamMovie
Mina Kimes
Mina Kimes@minakimes
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On one hand, I am sad that the Seahawks season is over. On the other hand, Eric Andre is on the Righteous Gemstones.
Ellen Barkin
Ellen Barkin@EllenBarkin
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Just like Shakespeare requires repeated reading I’ve watched The Tragedy of Macbeth for 4 days in a row. Denzel Washington in a towering performance.
Mollie Damon
Mollie Damon@MollieDamon
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I'm convinced Boba Fett is secretly a dentist because damn he got a smile that won't quit even after the sarlacc pit
rachel syme
rachel syme@rachsyme
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get in losers we're transferring all of our overthinking and big feelings to a new show* now
*the show is station eleven


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