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 Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand@BarbraStreisand
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Jim and I were very impressed with the movie “Three Thousand Years of Longing” by director George Miller. What a great craftsman. I recognized the face of Prince Mustafa as Andrea Bocelli’s son Matteo! What a joy to hear his gorgeous voice singing under the titles too.
Tyler G.⚡
Tyler G.⚡@TAGintheGame
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If there were any justice, Regina Hall would be one of the Best Actress frontrunners this Awards Season for Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. She does so much of the heavy lifting, and is wearing a mask figuratively and literally throughout the movie. #HonkForJesus
lauren (vacation mode)
lauren (vacation mode)@NotABigJerk
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Glass Onion trailer looks good. Just keep letting rian johnson make a new knives out movie with a perplexingly accented daniel craig every 4 years until the end of time. Give 'em the tom cruise mission impossible treatment
Simon Barrett
Simon Barrett@Simon_Barrett
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My top five movies released in 2022 so far: 1) RRR 2) Barbarian 3) X 4) You Won't Be Alone 5) Vortex but I haven't had much time to see new movies so I've missed a lot.
Quinn Howard🪐
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Can we talk about how the House of the Dragon is simply a feast for the eyes! It's more beautiful than Game of Thrones ever was. The cinematography is on another level! Stellar colors and lighting! Everything about the production is extremely competent.
Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman@FPWellman
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Watched the first two episodes of LOTR 'The Rings of Power' last night. Beautifully shot and realized with twists a well written story. Looking forward to more time in Middle Earth. LOTR was my first epic read in 6th grade and it still feels like home.
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