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For a history lesson and trip down memory lane, movie fans should not skip Mank, a tribute to the cinematic legend of Citizen Kane.

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The Great Pottery Throw Down

Watching a group of craftsman create practical works of art before your eyes isn’t just entertaining, it’s a soothing escape from your day-to-day troubles.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Recap Episode 3: “Power Broker”

The exposition is very heavy in this one, because it has to be—there are only three episodes (!) left. It’s worth it just to see Zemo dancing, though.

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Uncle Frank

At a time when families have been divided by political disagreements, Uncle Frank explores the enduring, loving bonds of family and the ways they link us together – whether we live close or worlds apart.

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Hello, Me!

More laughter than tears, Hello, Me is a quirky crowd pleaser. Plot holes may arise from the time-travel storyline, but give yourself permission to enter the fantasy.

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The Best of What’s New in Streaming: April 2021

If you stick to the path I’ve cut for you with this vouched-for movies and shows, you’ll avoid getting lost in the streaming jungle and succumbing to the dreaded condition of option paralysis.

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The Best of What’s New on Netflix: April 2021

The best new films and shows on Netflix this April feature big stars — from Idris Elba to Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy to Octavia Spencer and Amanda Seyfried. A quick guide to help curate your queue.

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What to Watch if You’re Spending Spring Break at Home

Avoid Miami — and the rest of the spring break towns — and live vicariously by streaming these party films from the comfort of your own living room.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Recap Episode 2: “The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan”

In the second episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the two lead characters finally share the screen, but the only thing they can agree on is how much the new Captain America sucks. A primer and post-op for Falcon #2.

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A Millennial Nostalgia Watchlist

2023 promises to reenact many Millennials pop culture milestones. If you’re feeling all that nostalgia, here are the best TV series to watch to take you back…and make you see how far you’ve come.

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The Oscar Contenders for Best International Film

In recent years, the Motion Picture Academy has made a concerted effort to represent more diverse and international perspectives, and the expansion of its membership has put “subtitled films” on the radars of voters — and, in some cases, in contention for the biggest awards. The turning point came just three years ago, when South

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Catch Up Watches: The Best Series to Transport You

The best escapist shows and movies with travel and exotic settings.

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The Seven Faces of Jane

A original take on both anthologies and road trip movies, Seven Faces of Jane experiments with the “roads not taken” concept by tapping eight different directors, each one using a different genre and a different “Jane.”

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Vikings Valhalla S2

An emotionally intense coming-of-age story underlies Vikings Valhalla, which tackles the tumultuous High Middle Ages and power shift across Europe with all the heroics, gore, and sex of its predecessor.

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Triangle of Sadness

With so many awards-caliber movies taking us into very dark places, Triangle of Sadness brings laughter and sunshine to its biting indictment of influencers, wealth and class divides. Stick around for the third act.

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Black Bird

One of the best dramas of 2022, the Golden Globe-nominated Black Bird rises above other true crime shows as a psychological drama that peels away the layers to get to the moral questions beneath.

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A top Oscar contender, Tar explores cancel culture and #metoo with nuance while removing gender stereotypes from the equation. But the film – and Cate Blanchett’s performance – are much more than that.

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Decision to Leave

A romantic Korean noir from legendary director Park Chan-wook, Decision to Leave captivates as much for the chemistry between its detective and suspect as for the shocking psychological mystery that unfolds.

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