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By hosting a Binge Viewers Club, you can ‘find your people’ – the ones who like
watching your favorite types of shows or films or characters – while helping to end the isolation of binge watching. You’ll also become an instant influencer in the conversation around entertainment, with
your own profile on The Watercooler HQ.

You won’t be doing this alone. We’ll help get the word out in your city, find venues,
confirm RSPVs and send them the details. Our team of editors and journalists will help offer up intriguing back story and questions to help kick-off a post viewing

As your club grows, we’ll help recruit a Watercooler contributor who
recommended the film or show, and talent from the film or series to appear
remotely – or even in person.

After each viewing, everyone who attended will get the chance to decide whether they
want to officially recommend what they saw to The Watercooler.

So, you’ll be helping the wider world discover something they might just love.

Interested? Sign-up here.

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Become a Streaming Sherpa
Become a Streaming Sherpa
Become a Streaming Sherpa

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