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We’re ending the isolation of binge watching alone by hosting and curating in-real-life viewing parties in different locations. Sign-up to find an event near you, and show up to find fellow viewers to watch and discuss new TV shows and films. You’ll get the chance to become a contributor to The Watercooler.

Find a viewing party near you! 


If you’re like us, there are certain shows and movies that you want to watch with other people — the kind that you want to talk about afterward.

Yet these days, it can be hard to find people in your life who want to watch the same shows or movies, or who can watch them at the same time. That’s where Binge Viewers Club comes in.


Meet our viewing party hosts, aka our Streaming Sherpas. They’re organizing Binge Viewers Clubs in different locations, bringing people together to screen new series and films they hope you’ll like.

Afterwards, they’ll kick-off Q&As, bring in special guests and get you mingling. They’ll also gather your opinions for inclusion in The Watercooler HQ.

Sign Up to Attend or Host a Watch Party

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