Like most musicians, beloved electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling spends most of her year on the road. But in 2020 she didn’t have that option. So now she finds herself with more time, which includes catching up on TV shows she has never seen, like Grey’s Anatomy. “I am like 10 years behind,” she says, laughing.


In addition to Grey’s Anatomy and other shows she has missed out on living the last decade on the road, Stirling, an avid Christmas fanatic who is replacing her annual holiday tour with a Home for the Holidays Virtual Concert Experience Saturday, December 19th, has her holiday watch favorites.  She took us through some of them, along with other shows she’s loved in 2020 — including the show she would most want to write music for.

c. Its a Wonderful Life

Baltin: What are the Christmas classics for you?

Lindsey Stirling: My favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life. I love Jimmy Stewart so much as an actor and his character in this movie always makes me think of my dad. He’s my dad, so when I watch that movie I feel like I’m seeing my dad from my childhood memories of my father. Then I love White Christmas, the dancing in it is so good. I love those old classic ones. Those have my heart for sure. Those are my favorites.

Is there a Christmas special you always go back to?

Stirling: I actually really loved The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show last year, I thought that was fantastic. I was so blown away by the production of it. So that’s one of my favorite Christmas specials.

And what other shows have you watched this year?
Stirling: I am like 10 years behind. I started Grey’s Anatomy (laughs). I’m just like, “Hey, have you heard of this show, Grey’s Anatomy?” So, way behind. Queen’s Gambit was incredible. Those are some of my top picks.
If you could create music for one TV show you watched this year what would it be and why?​
Stirling: I’d want to create for one of those mystical, magical ones. I feel like that fits my brand. His Dark Materials looks really good and looks right up my alley as the kind of aesthetic I like to make. I actually played on the theme song for it, but I didn’t get to write it. I would love to create something original for that.
Steve Baltin

Steve Baltin has written for Rolling Stone, Forbes, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, MOJO and more, as well as hosted the Amazon Prime series ‘Riffing With’ and the podcast ‘My Turning Point.’ He is a Southern California-based writer who loves a great sitcom.

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