How to Fix a Drug Scandal

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Why it’s worth your time:

If you miss Breaking Bad, you’ll be intrigued by How to Fix a Drug Scandal, a Netflix docu-series about trusted Massachusetts lab chemist Sonja Farak, who turned out to be having a little bit too much fun at work.

The former valedictorian had a simple job, some might even say a boring one: she was responsible for testing evidence brought in by the police and confirming whether it contained an illegal substance. Then she would appear in court to confirm her claims.

But her life came tumbling over when bags of cocaine were found in her possession. The series will leave you questioning how she was able to get away with her behavior for so long, and what would lead such an achiever to even begin to go down such a self-destructive path.

The takeaway:

A truth-is-wilder-than-fiction docu-series that will make you question the justice system, as Sonja Farak’s case brought new scrutiny to many formerly closed cases.

Watch it with:

Your documentary and crime drama-loving friends.

Worth noting:

If you are looking for a show with sex and skin or action scenes, move along.  As a documentary, it also contains recreations with actors.

Where to watch it:

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