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What I’m Watcing

Bay Area rap star G-Eazy (real name Gerald Gillum) has been prolific in quarantine, covering songs by the likes of Radiohead and Bob Dylan, hosting live stream events, and even completing a surprise project, Everything’s Strange Here. But that hasn’t kept the platinum chart topper, who has almost 20 million monthly listeners, from checking out his favorite TV and movies during the pandemic.

Album art from G-Eazy’s new release Everything’s Strange Here, available on Spotify

In fact, he told me when we spoke recently that the opening track of Everything’s Strange Here, a cover of Beck’s “Everybody Gotta Learn Sometime,” was inspired by his favorite movie of all time, the superb, 2004 Michel Gondry-directed Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.

Baltin: What made you cover the Beck song?

G-Eazy: The Beck song. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is my favorite film of all time. I love when comedians do their dark serious roles because I think underneath most comics there’s a heaviness and sadness that most people don’t usually get to see.

Everything about that move I’ve always loved. And that song has been one of my favorites of all time. But I feel like in a way, those lyrics speak to what’s going on in our world right now probably in a very different way than it was intended.

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The Watercooler Q

Baltin: Would you go back and erase the memory of a relationship?

G-Easy: No

Baltin: What else have you been watching in quarantine?

G-Eazy:  A lot of documentaries, the Miles Davis doc was amazing, also the Nina Simone doc.

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G-Eazy: I went on a horror binge recently. We watched Rosemary’s Baby; this old French film, it’s a classic, called Eyes Without A Face; The Shining; just a ton of horror.

Baltin: Is there one show you gravitate to you can watch again and again?

G-Eazy: Mad Men hands down. I just restarted it again, I love Mad Men (laughs).

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