As a Christmas staple for the last decade, the members of acappella group Pentatonix are rarely ever home for the holidays. But in the weirdness that is 2020 the group’s Scott Hoying and Kevin Olusola find themselves now watching Christmas films at home.

So what holiday films do they turn to for seasonal spirit? The pair shared a few favorites — as well as some of their favorite shows in 2020, which run a wide gamut from The Queen’s Gambit to reality TV like Southern Charm.

Check out Hoying and Olusola’s eclectic and fun playlists below.
Steve Baltin: Do you watch Christmas movies?
Scott Hoying: Oh no, I’m like a Christmas-loving queen. So I watch Christmas movies for sure. I’ve watched the new ones this year, Jingle Jangle and Happiest Season, they’re so good. Then obviously like It’s A Wonderful Life and the old ones I love too.
What would be the one Christmas movie you would like to dub yourself into to sing a song?
Kevin Olusola: Home Alone for sure.
Hoying: Oh yeah, Home Alone would be iconic. But also The Grinch with Jim Carrey, cause that’s probably my favorite Christmas movie. But we got to be in the new Benedict Cumberbatch remake of The Grinch in a scene where we’re all singing and caroling, so we kind of got to fulfill that dream. But the Jim Carrey [version] is chef’s kiss.
Kevin, what about for you?
Olusola: I haven’t actually watched a ton of Christmas movies, to be honest with you. But Home Alone is a classic. It is amazing. And one of the things my wife has been trying to do this year is just watch a lot more TV and movies. So yesterday I watched The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and it’s amazing. So good. So I feel like my wife is going to get me to watch a lot more this season.
With all this extra time to watch TV what have been your favorite shows of 2020?
Olusola: Oh my gosh, definitely The Undoing, The Morning Show was amazing, incredible. This is just me, because I never watched these shows, but I started watching a lot of reality TV. So, like, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Southern Charm. I’ve literally never watched these and I never understood the appeal. My wife loves watching them and I sat down with her one day to watch one episode and I got hooked. I am a fan.
Hoying: They will get you. I just finished Queen’s Gambit last night, I loved it. It’s so good. Then Mandalorian I’ve been watching, and Living with Yourself, the Paul Rudd series. You need to check that out. It’s crazy. I binged that in one night.
Steve Baltin

Steve Baltin has written for Rolling Stone, Forbes, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, MOJO and more, as well as hosted the Amazon Prime series ‘Riffing With’ and the podcast ‘My Turning Point.’ He is a Southern California-based writer who loves a great sitcom.

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