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Jenna Fuentes

Jenna Fuentes is an innovative, international community partnerships builder who is passionate about “bringing the humanities back into tech,” cross-pollinating industries, developing people, as well as developing interdisciplinary systems and solutions for social impact.

A certified project manager, she has over 10 years of experience curating, designing, and enhancing hundreds of interactive programs, events, partnerships, and community experiences for clients in higher education, hospitality, creative arts, experiential marketing, journalism, start-up accelerator/incubator, and nonprofit sectors.

In addition to building and running communities and events for organizations including Singularity University, Women Founders Network, and many others, Jenna managed Edtech and career development programs in collaboration with UCLA, UCI, and USC Extension Departments. She also contributed to the scaling of the Edtech startup, Trilogy Education Services, which grew from 20 to 1,000 employees within three years and, later, was successfully acquired by 2U, Inc.

Her three-year study abroad and work abroad experiences in Spain and Argentina changed her life, worldview, and her creative approach to solving problems. Her mission and purpose are to help others maximize their potential and create transformational, global, and human-centered community experiences.

Jenna has a passion for fostering belonging, purpose, openness, and a place to feel at home.

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