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Kanene Ayo Holder

Kanene Ayo Holder is a bold and award-winning artist, activist, educator and diversity trainer whose clients have included American Red Cross and The New York Times School, among many others.

Ms. Holder is dedicated to systemic change through critical analysis and community engagement. Currently she is also producing a satirical comedic web series called BlackIssuesISSUES about a Black version of Vogue and Vanity Fair edited by the comical character ReBLACKaForTheBLACKs.

Kanene also founded AntiRacistPersonalTrainer LLC, a boutique diversity firm to #knockoutracism that uses Humor to Heal the Racial Divide™️; co-founded the non-profit Parents Raising Harlem, focused on safer streets and opportunities for Harlem youth; and is the Chief Disruptive Officer for (x)BLACK, a new start-up that leverages the media, tech and academia to end racism.

Since 2001, Kanene has been positively impacting underserved schools and audiences to advocate for equity. As Art Department Chair at a high school for BIPOC and LGBTQA youth, Kanene served as a community engagement artist for The Public Theater and theater teacher at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Ms. Holder received numerous awards including a fellowship from The Colin Powell Center for Policy Study, two from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Puffin EXCTFoundation for Activist Art.

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