The Sex and the City Effect: And Just Like That… After-Watch Party

Join our after-watch Zoom party to talk about the new series and “The Sex and the City effect” with the Watercooler’s writers and journalists,

What made Sex and the City such a hit that people are still talking about it…23 years after it debuted?  All of the sex was a big part of it, but it was also a show about a “found family” of friends that helped get each other through the lonely times and the rough spots.  Of course, it also aired when everyone watched shows at the same time, so they could talk about them afterwards.

That’s what we’ll be doing Thursday, December 9th (10pm ET/ 7pm PT), after the “new chapter” of the series, “…And Just Like That,” is released on HBOMax (earlier the same day).  Join our Zoom party with comedienne Kanene Ayo Holder and Dr. Alexandra Katehakis, Clinical Director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles.  It promises to be a lively, fun, and illuminating conversation-with-cocktails about the show’s impact on dating, sex, single life, and relationships, and how life has changed for its characters — and the rest of us.

Come dressed (or PJ’d) with your favorite cocktail and join our our Zoom and Clubhouse after-watch discussion. Stay for the introductions and mingling after the moderated talk.  Sign-up below for more details.

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