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What it’s about:

International superhero Gal Godot guides this series about real-life wonder women around the world who’ve overcome obstacles and found a way to be a force of change in their communities.

Names you might know:

Wonder Woman star Gal Godot introduces each documentary short. You likely won’t know the names of any of the women featured, but you should.

Why it’s worth your time:

They live in poverty-stricken and violence-torn areas, have faced the loss of loved ones, endured discrimination and natural disasters. Yet each has found a way to rise up and play a part in different ways, big and small.

The series leads off with an episode titled “Ice Breakers,” which introduces Kameryn, a 20-year-old figure skating coach who gives young girls of color a chance to express themselves and feel a sense of freedom through skating. Her love for her students and the sport is infectious, which is appropriate, as her greatest hope is that her students pass on what they’ve learned to others and spread the joy to others.

“Surf Sisters” follows the journey of Kelsey, who lost her sister to Covid in early 2019. She now helps other women in mourning connect and heal through surf therapy. Keep some tissues handy for this one, as it will probably make you cry. In a good way.

In “Ripple Effect” we meet 19-year-old Puerto Rican college student Ariana. In hurricane-ravaged San Juan, she and a team of fellow students are striving to ensure their community has access to clean, safe drinking water via a filtering system she invented.

“Coming Home” focuses on Kayla, a survivor who overcame discrimination, homelessness, and violence in her life and now works to protect others from the same fate. Her organization My Sistah’s House helps build homes for transgender women of color in Memphis and, through those efforts, seeks to build a safe community where they can feel comfortable being themselves.

Not far from Tennessee, “Killer Red Fox” takes us to a Louisiana reservation where Chief Shirell (also known as Killer Red Fox), the first female chief of her tribe, is facing an unprecedented struggle. As their ancestral land is ravaged by storms, her people may soon become the first climate refugees in the United States, but she’s working for a better future through environmental activism, preservation, and education.

The series wraps up with “Na Ponta dos Pés (On Pointe),” about a ballerina who is helping young girls see a way past of the drug violence that has torn through their community (known locally as a favela) in Rio de Janeiro. Ballet requires grace, but also strength, and watching these girls build their one-room ballet school—literally brick by brick—all by themselves is something you’ll never forget.

All of these stories are timely and uplifting, and they offer a blueprint for how to move forward—and make a dent.

“We can see that all of them come from difficult circumstances, and and yet, it fuels them,” Gadot says. “It gives them more power to dare, to dream, to change, to speak up and to really make a change in their communities.”

The takeaway:

After a year of devastating news that has so many grief stricken and paralyzed, IMPACT brings a much-needed jolt of inspiration and hope.

Watch it with:

Yourself and anyone who could use some uplift and new role models.

Worth noting:

Rolling out as digital shorts on National Geographic’s YouTube Channel, making it more accessible to all ages around the world, the series culminates in an on-air special in the U.S. June 24th.  It will then air globally in 142 countries and 43 languages.

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