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100 Days My Prince


When the crown prince of Joseon, Lee Yul (Do Kyung-soo), is injured during an assassination attempt, he loses his memory. A villager nurses him back to health, and soon a romance blossoms between the prince and the villager’s daughter, Hong-sheim (Nam Ji-Hyun). The chemistry between the romantic leads will keep you watching this story of mistaken identity, political corruption, and budding love. Lead Do Kyung-soo is also a K-Pop star known as D.O., a member of the band EXO. His bandmate Chen adds to the popular soundtrack with “Cherry Blossom Love Song.”

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From Chriselle Olaguera at Annyeong Oppa:

If you’re looking for an all out K-drama with historical, action, mystery, thriller, and comedy genres, 100 Days My Prince is for you Full Review

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