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Big Shot


John Stamos stars as the coach, Marvyn Korn, who, after losing his prestigious men’s NCAA coaching job due to an on-court meltdown, gets a job coaching a girls’ high school basketball team. These girls are not at all phased by his macho posturing and intimidation tactics. In fact, they won’t tolerate it. But they also Don’t win games. In order to connect with his players and help them win on the court and in life, he has to learn to be empathetic and vulnerable. The show was developed by super producer David E. Kelley (The Undoing, most recently) and Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett, of all people. Like other Disney+ shows, this is a weekly release.

Quick Takes

From Jen Chaney at New York Magazine:

The show certainly has some flaws… But as an engaging family drama, and one that illustrates the obstacles girls face when they try to achieve in sports, Big Shot is mostly a winner. Full Review

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