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Bridgerton is, in a word, hot. In more ways than one. Not only does it feature attractive young people heartily going at it with only the slightest nod toward societal constraints, but it’s also burning up the pop-culture conversation as more and more viewers discover it and critics share their opinions. The reasons for that are as diverse as the show’s much-hyped cast.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

This sexy, modern, and diverse take on Regency romance is a delightful departure from the traditional. Yet it still has enough conventional elements to appeal to fans of classic Jane Austen. Read More

From Kathryn VanArendonk at Vulture:

Beguiling. … Bridgerton’s diversity backstory feels warm yet half-baked … But because it’s happening in a genre that always papers over some realities, I don’t really mind. Bridgerton’s end result is a heady cloud of pleasure and true love set in an idealized, more inclusive milieu. At a time when I’m longing to escape the real world, few fantasies are more inviting. Full Review

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