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Jackie, a single suburban mother, is shocked when her estranged sister, Elizabeth, her sister’s outrageously wealthy, big-hearted husband, Javier, and Javier’s fiercely loyal assistant/driver/friend, Luis, land on her doorstep in need of a place to live after the couple’s money dries up. Though class differences may separate the women, and the size of the house and the number of people living in it will test the limits of family ties, the familial bond of sisterhood might be the catalyst they need to restore their relationship.

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From the Watercooler:

Broke might be the first sitcom to usher in a new era of “recession comedy,” offering up more relatable storylines for our times. Read More

From Glenn Garvin at Reason Online:

Broke crackles with acerbic wit and precision-timed physical humor. Full Review

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