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Christopher and His Kind


Based on Christopher Isherwood’s seminal autobiography about his time in pre-war Berlin, Christopher and His Kind is a tender and achingly beautiful study of homosexuality in the 1930s. Part love story, part biopic, and part history, screenwriter Kevin Elyot managed to stay true to the spirit of the source material, while director Geoffrey Sax manages to palpably evoke the heady uncertainty of a libertine Berlin being turned on its head by the Nazis. With an able cast led by Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) and a star turn from Imogen Poots as the real-life inspiration for Sally Bowles—the iconic role played by Liza Minelli in Cabaret—you will not regret spending an hour and a half with Christopher and his kind.

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From Sam Wollaston at The Guardian:

Ferguson’s is a no-nonsense approach: here’s how it is, you better believe it. It’s not especially charming, but it certainly isn’t boring – it’s a a rollicking roller-coaster ride through time, so much fun it doesn’t even feel like school. Full Review

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