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How about the classic NBC’s unorthodox detective drama Columbo? It made a star of Peter Falk in the 1970s for his portrayal of the disheveled LAPD lieutenant, who always got his man (or woman). you’ll never hear the phrase, “Just one more thing,” again without thinking of Falk’s raspy, sly delivery. What made Columbo unique was that viewers knew exactly “whodunit” from the start of each episode. After that opening reveal, you’re taken on a ride as Columbo zeroes in on the main suspect and ultimately solves the crime.

The episodes hold up well, especially with Falk’s timeless acting and his cat-and-mouse games with the suspects. He won three Emmy awards during the original run on NBC, and another trophy in 1990 for reprising the iconic role on ABC.

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From Rick Du Brow at United Press International:

Falk portrays a cagey police detective whose pedestrian manner and dress conceal his animal shrewdness, and he is very, very good in a well-thought-out and well-written characterization. Full Review

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