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Descendants 2


The sequel to the 2015 TV-movie, Mal (Dove Cameron) finds life in Auradon difficult and returns to the Isle of the Lost, where she meets Ursula’s daughter, Uma (China Anne McClain); Captain Hook’s son, Harry (Thomas Doherty); and Gaston’s son, Gil (Dylan Playfair). While Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Booboo Stewart) help Ben (Mitchell Hope), now King of Auradon, find her.

Quick Takes

From David Wiegand at San Francisco Chronicle:

Kenny Ortega once again directs the production, which is lively, tuneful and colorful, although the pace doesn’t really pick up until the midpoint in the film. The production numbers are brilliant, in their way: You have to really look closely to figure out that the choreography is largely people skipping in unison, with an occasional synchronized twirl, and the use of quick cuts makes it appear as though every member of the main cast can dance as well as the professional dancers surrounding them. Full Review

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