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Doctor Who


While many viewers are familiar with the current iteration of Doctor Who—which was rebooted in 2005—BritBox has more than 500 episodes of the classic sci-fi series’ original run from 1963 to 1989. Perhaps the most iconic show ever produced by the BBC, Doctor Who centers on an alien Time Lord known only as the Doctor, who travels through space and time with his plucky companions. Due to the long-running nature of the show, the cast has changed several times—the Doctor regenerates into a different actor every few years, and his companions come and go just as frequently. Regardless of what the Doctor looks like or who he travels with in his TARDIS—part time machine, part spaceship, the acronym stands for “time and relative dimension in space”—adventure is always guaranteed. While some of the special effects can look hopelessly (or charmingly) dated to modern audiences, the stories themselves are as enthralling as they must have been 50 years ago. Plus, it’s a real treat to delve into the history of a show that changed both science fiction and television, and left an indelible mark on pop culture on both sides of the Atlantic.

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From Charlie McCollum at San Jose Mercury News:

If you’re looking for allegorical, intriguing science fiction, this isn’t it. If you’re OK with rapid-fire, light-hearted dialogue with an occasional dig at politics and culture, this “Doctor Who” is your cup of tea. Full Review

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