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Eddie Pepitone – For the Masses


Eddie Pepitone – For the Masses is a fresh and outrageous stand-up comedy special that has substance to spare and is laugh-out-loud funny throughout. The 62-year-old vegan, alt-comedy cult favorite—a regular on the Los Angeles comedy club circuit—has been active for years on television and in movies, albums, videos and podcasts. But he may be the best comedian you’ve never heard of.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Pepitone helps us see the humor and light in all of this moment’s frightening and confusing nature. He deals head-on, in his inimitable fresh and original style, with topics that are absolutely of our country, culture and lifestyles today: short attention spans, drugs, violence, sex, the Me Too movement, climate change, Alzheimer’s, the Waze app, Fascism, atheists, the Alt-Right, and the corporate world Read More

From Brian Logan at The Guardian:

The gruff comic from Brooklyn appals and entertains as he rages against the debauchery of modern America. Full Review

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