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Frank of Ireland


What’s more charming than one Gleeson? Two Gleesons! Brothers Domhnall and Brian Gleeson (sons of the great Irish actor Brendan Gleeson) write (along with Michael Moloney, not a brother) and star in this comedy series about the titular 33-year-old man who won’t grow up. Even his own mother can’t stand him and wishes he would move out. But there’s something about him you can’t help but like, isn’t there? He’s an entitled, immature wanker, but he’s funny. Brian plays Frank, while his more famous brother Domhnall plays his best friend, Doofus. Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by their father as well. Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan is an executive producer, to give you an idea of the acid-tongued wit you can expect.

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From Brad Newsome at Sydney Morning Herald:

Ireland’s ridiculously talented Gleeson family have a field day in this boisterous and distinctly Irish cringe comedy. Full Review

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