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Hello, Me!


37-year-old Ban Ha Ni has a part-time job, zero romantic prospects and little to look forward to. Through a mysterious event, she’s brought face to face with her 17-year-old self. Young, confident Ban Ha Ni inspires her to reach for the stars again…and hopefully change her fate.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

More laughter than tears, Hello, Me is a quirky crowd pleaser. Plot holes may arise from the time-travel storyline, but give yourself permission to enter the fantasy. We could all use a reminder of the hope and optimism our younger selves carried. Read More

From JazmineK at Jazmine Media:

“Hello, Me!” is a standard rom-com kdrama, its similar to many other kdramas of its genre, this drama deals with heavy topics as well such as death, struggles with past horrible mistakes and more. But they deal with these themes delicately and give every single one of them the coverage they deserve, and it also retains a sense of humor that doesn’t feel odd or misplaced. Full Review

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