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Ice Fantasy


The anti-hero has had a good run on American TV, with incarnations ranging from murderous (Tony Soprano, Walter White) to merely obnoxious (Don Draper, Barney Stinson). If you’re ready for a real hero, you just might fall for Ka Suo, the protagonist of this addictive Chinese series. Played by Feng Shaofeng – renowned in China for nailing crying scenes – he’s a powerful immortal who falls for a mortal girl. Sets by Dan Hennah – who won an Oscar for his work on the Lord of the Rings films – provide a lush backdrop for this sprawling tale of love and sacrifice.

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An epic fantasy with Ice Princes, Fire Princes, Mermaids, a crazy immortal made of black smoke, and a classic hero’s journey at its core. — Lara Kris Herndon Read More

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