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Keeping Up Appearances


Few shows have more adeptly commented on the absurdities of the British class structure than Keeping Up Appearances. Focusing on the exploits of middle-class Hyacinth Bucket (which she insists is pronounced “Bouquet”), the show frequently pokes fun at its heroine’s attempts to, well, keep up appearances and put on the airs and graces she believes a lady of her station ought to put on. This is frequently complicated by her working-class family and exasperated but loving husband, who tries his best to indulge Hyacinth’s snobbery while smoothing over the very real damage it often causes. Patricia Routledge gives a star turn as haughty Hyacinth, cementing her place in the pantheon of great British actresses. It’s no wonder she was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for services to entertainment.

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From Andrew Lewis at Screen Rant:

The jokes are guaranteed to make even the most stiff upper lip crack a smile. Full Review

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