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Last Chance U: Basketball


Last Chance U is one of Netflix’s most acclaimed documentary programs. For its first five seasons, it covered junior college football, embedding with a different team each year as they played their season and giving an incredibly intimate look at the trials and tribulations of the coaches and players, many of whom are trying to use sports as a pathway out of poverty. The new season moves from football to basketball, following the East Los Angeles College Huskies as they try to win the state JUCO title. You Don’t have to be a sports fan to care about the personalities you’ll meet on the show; if you loved Cheer you might want to check out Last Chance U, as it hails from the same director and producer, Greg Whiteley.

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From Jen Chaney at Vulture:

Last Chance U: Basketball would have been an excellent sports docuseries under any circumstances, but what makes it extraordinary is the fact that it was filmed during the 2019–2020 season, which means that certain real-life events collide with the Huskies’ story. … The coronavirus pandemic eventually affects the team as well, leading to one of the more visceral and moving attempts on television so far to capture the loss and uncertainty that immediately set in as the epidemic began. Full Review

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