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Life in Color with David Attenborough


The latest nature documentary from legendary presenter David Attenborough is this three-parter focused on the world’s most colorful creatures, from birds of paradise to tree frogs to fish that producers developed special cameras to film. “To understand how these colors work, you’ll need to see them from an animal’s perspective,” Attenborough says in the trailer for the series, and the show’s ultraviolet beam-splitter cameras innovate a new way to do just that. It’s a gorgeous sensory experience that doubles as educational entertainment for the whole family. Attenborough is 94 years old, so every nature doc he’s involved in now qualifies as a special event.

Quick Takes

From Mike Hale at The New York Times:

“Life in Color” is mostly the same old story, the fight for love, food and territory. And as always in Attenborough’s shows, these stock narratives are rendered in a succession of dazzling images, here made even more arresting because of the series’s focus on varicolored plumage and skin. Full Review

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