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Lisey’s Story


Lisa “Lisey” Landon is the widow of famous novelist Scott Landon, who died two years earlier. She’s still grieving his loss when a deranged fan starts stalking her in an attempt to get her husband’s unpublished writing. In order to stop him–and come to terms with who she was with Scott and who she is without him–Lisey has to enter the dangerous and fantastical world of Boo’ya Moon, where Scott used to go to escape his painful childhood, and also dive deep into difficult memories of her own.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Lisey’s Story is an enchanting, frightening tale of magic and memory that’s in the upper echelon of Stephen King adaptations, whether we’re talking about the ongoing post-IT wave or ever. You will get lost in its immersive world and feel sorry to leave when it’s time to go. Read More

From John Anderson at The Wall Street Journal:

The outright fantastical elements of “Lisey’s Story,” some being of the monster-in-the woods variety, feel at some point to be in conflict with the more palpable drama at hand. … All the performances are first-rate. Mr. Owen is in rare form. … Ms. Allen and Ms. Moore are extraordinary and, though she plays to type, Jennifer Jason Leigh is a treat as Darla, the third Debusher sister. Full Review

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