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Living Single


Living Single‘s jazzy, R&B-infused theme song sums up the show’s premise in one perfect line: “In a 90s kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls.” The 90’s kind of world? Pre-gentrified Brooklyn, New York. The girls? Level-headed Khadijah James (Queen Latifah), the fabulous Regine Hunter (Kim Fields), Khadija’s cousin and dreamer Sinclair James (Kim Coles) and the quick-witted Maxine Shaw, Attorney-At-Law (Erika Alexander).

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From the Watercooler:

The show is not without its flaws. Characters you come to love are written out and replaced with new faces towards the series’ end, and episodes touching on issues like sexual harassment and mental health only receive a 30-minute spotlight and aren’t revisited afterward. But, when it comes to groundbreaking television, the fact that Living Single introduced these subjects to Black audiences in an honest way is part of the reason it still stands strong amongst its modern-day contemporaries — and after nearly 30 years. — Jalika Conteh Read More

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