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It’s a movie within a movie, sort of. Mank tells the story of how one of the most revered cinematic pieces got made through a decade-long process — told from the point of view of its acerbic, hard-drinking screenwriter.

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From the Watercooler:

For a history lesson and trip down memory lane, movie fans should not skip Mank. David Finch’s cinematography — shot in the style of Citizen Kane — is worth the two-hour-plus investment. Come for the look, but stay for the acting with top notch performances, led by Oldman and Seyfried. Read More

From Phil de Semlyen at TimeOut:

The arguments over whether Citizen Kane is the greatest film ever made will rage on forever. But the greatest film about Citizen Kane – and just about any other movie – has definitely arrived. David Fincher’s eleventh film is a lavish love letter to old Hollywood in all its glory, cynicism and wild extravagance. Full Review

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