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Master of None Presents: Moments of Love


Instead of the life-in-New York adventures of Aziz Ansari’s Dev that Master of None used to be, this season is focused on Lena Waithe’s Denise and her messy relationship with her wife Alicia. Like its subtitle suggests, it captures individual moments of married life, including arguments, struggles with fertility, triumphs and heartbreaks, and spontaneous dance parties while doing laundry.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

Moments in Love is an impressive reinvention of Master of None that gives a beautifully shot look into the most intimate parts of life. It has a lot of style and a lot of substance. Read More

From Sophie Gilbert at The Atlantic:

Moments in Love has been billed as an exploration of a marriage; in practice, though, it’s a fascinating, achingly bleak study of an anti-marriage, a relationship so worn or corrupted that it feels more isolating than being alone does. Full Review

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