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Mr. Sunshine


Don’t let the title fool you, Mr. Sunshine is far from sunny. A sweeping history set just before the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1910, it tells the story of Eugene Choi (veteran actor Lee Byung Hun), who escapes slavery and flees to the US, where he joins the Marine Corps. The 24 episode series follows him as he returns to Korea, becomes an activist, and falls in love with an aristocrat’s granddaughter Ko Ae-shin (Kim Tae-ri), who becomes an assassin. While the series explores real historical events and portrays key figures — including Emperor Gojong, Ito Hirobumi, and Theodore Roosevelt — it’s been criticized for its historical inaccuracies. Still, it’s an ambitious, immersive drama that will spark your curiosity to learn more about history, and you’ll see why it’s earned awards for cinematography, acting, and best overall drama.

Quick Takes

From Joel Keller at Decider:

Mr. Sunshine is like a Korean version of prestige TV: a bit slow-moving; a little confusing; but beautiful to look at. It tells a story that should compel fans of Korean TV, military history, and even just plain ol’ romance to keep watching. Full Review

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