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If you’re looking for a show that stays in the UK, Mum is like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. A charming character-driven comedy, Mum stars Oscar-nominee Leslie Manville as Cathy, the put-upon titular character. Following the death of her husband, Cathy is forced to tolerate her eccentric relatives with the patience of Job. Despite its billing as a comedy, Mum will tug at your heartstrings as Cathy and her family navigate the months following the death of their beloved patriarch. Never shying away from finding humor in grief, Mum is still one to watch with the tissues at hand.

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From Deborah Ross at The Mail on Sunday:

We know Cathy is in pain — we just do, from Manville’s tender, nuanced, wry performance — but such is her warmth she must attend to everyone else before getting round to herself. Full Review

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