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My Neighbor Totoro


It’s the story of two sisters, 11 and 4, who move to an old country house with their father as they wait for their mother to recover in a nearby hospital. As they explore their magical new world, they face the fears, excitement, and frustrations of adapting to the unknown while befriending fantastical woodland spirits, including a playful giant, a cuddly creature known as a Totoro, who leads them on a series of adventures.

Quick Takes

From the Watercooler:

An often overlooked classic, My Neighbor Totoro is that rare film that can captivate all ages, from young kids to their parents and grandparents. Vibrant, magical, and emotionally lightweight, it’s also just 86 minutes long, the perfect family vacation film to watch together. Read More

From Sam Adams at AV Club:

Miyazaki so effectively captures the feeling of a child’s life, inside as well as out, that little ones are often mesmerized by the movie, and adults are returned to a time when they could enjoy mystery for its own sake. Full Review

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